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Pax8 delivers a suite of advanced cybersecurity solutions tailored for modern businesses. From Avanan's AI-powered cloud email security to Threatdown's proactive threat intelligence by Malwarebytes and Dropsuite's reliable cloud backup and archiving, Pax8 equips organizations with comprehensive protection against evolving cyber threats while ensuring data integrity and compliance.


Avanan, powered by AI, is a comprehensive cloud email security platform that provides advanced protection against phishing, malware, and data loss for cloud-based email platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. With real-time threat detection and automated response capabilities, Avanan ensures your organization's email communication remains secure and compliant.

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Threatdown By Malwarebytes

Threatdown is a cutting-edge threat intelligence platform developed by Malwarebytes, a leader in cybersecurity solutions. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms and global threat telemetry, Threatdown delivers actionable insights into emerging cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and attack trends. Stay ahead of cyber adversaries and fortify your defenses with Threatdown's proactive threat intelligence.

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Dropsuite is a trusted cloud-based backup and archiving solution designed to safeguard critical business data across email, websites, and servers. With easy setup and automated backups, Dropsuite ensures continuous protection against data loss due to accidental deletion, ransomware attacks, or system failures. Gain peace of mind knowing your valuable business data is securely backed up and readily recoverable with Dropsuite.

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