Why Do I Need an IT Consulting Agency?

Have you ever thought about getting an IT consulting Agency?

Being a business owner is tough. You get up early in the morning and the first thought you have in mind is “How do I make my business better?” Most people would actually think of “What should I eat for breakfast?”.

In the world where everything moves fast and innovations would pop out like grass in your backyard, how do you cope with it? The analogy may seem funny but admit it, it is the reality that we are currently facing. Another thing is, even if we accept it, how do we move forward if we have no idea what the steps are.

Now here’s the thing, we are not experts in everything and we sometimes need help. That is the reason why you need to ask advice and guidance from someone in the industry or have a deep knowledge in the specific topic/industry.

You may think that getting advice is expensive and it is a waste of time. In reality it is the total opposite. You do not have to do much trial and error with an expert since most of the practices/solutions are already tested and proven. Error may come up but the margin is lower than doing trial and error with small to no knowledge about the area.

If you are a business owner with big visions and goals for your business in the area of tech, you may now be pondering on if you should get an IT Agency. Worries like pricing, expertise and value adding may be of concern right now.

Continue reading on if you are still unsure on what qualifications you need for an IT Consulting Agency:

Trust the experienced and proven experts

Building a business without experts beside you will be taxing and would eat up all your time. Do you know what is worse? Getting an agency or consultant who have no idea what they are doing. Imagine implementing solutions and advice that was not proven and tested. This may lead to a horrible loss on money and time.

There is no one size fits all solution for businesses. Businesses are different from each other. Like a snowflake, everything differs from needs to objectives. This knowledge may only be acquired by experience in the different fields. You need to find out if they have ever handled a company similar to yours but are willing to be proactive in finding the solution that would fit your company.

Experience and results are one of the best indicators if the IT consulting agency are a good fit for you.


You Get to Focus on Your Core Business

Imagine focusing on activities in your company that you have little to no idea about. You know that this is an activity that can greatly affect you company it may be directly or indirectly. That will not only end in chaos but also loss of money, time, and effort.

This also goes to your staff. If you hired them and they have no idea about the IT field, it would also eat up their time and they wonrt get to focus on the core business.

You may opt to work with an IT consulting agency. You get to focus on your core business since the agency will be able to put together a plan of action that gives you what you need to work productively, decreasing the possible risks of doing business. Your staff will also have more time with the core business since they didn’t have to fill a role they have no idea about


You are updated with Technology

Today, when the world is changing fast, you need more support and help than ever before. It takes a lot of time to find and bring people to your team, and even more to train them.

If you have an IT Consulting Agency, you do not need to remind them about being updated and training them (which costs a lot!). You get your money’s worth since the agency already have the resources and knowledge about the ins and outs of technology.


Blow the Competition Away

Remember how any companies failed to grow due to being left behind in technology? Yeah, we don’t think that is what you want with your business. The chances of failing is then lowered with  an IT Consulting Agency. They are usually the first ones to notice an upcoming trend and opportunity that the business can implement.

Hiring an IT consulting agency will increase your chances to stay competitive amongst other players in the industry and have a lower chance of failing. Tech is not for the huge enterprises only anymore. Tech is everywhere and it is every changing. Now is the perfect time to change your perspective in running your business.


Reduce Cost and Expenses

IT projects being transferred to an outsourcing company by enterprises is rarely a purely budget-cutting-driven decision. Note that  it’s not the best practice to judge the provider just by costs alone.

If you are just starting or have a smaller company meaning you don’t have millions of pesos to spend on IT. Instead of growing the in-house team, consider delegating the coding work, for example, to an IT consultancy firm and have your in-house senior managers handle the communication between the teams and work on a strategy.

In addition to that, such overheads as recruitment, vacations, sick days, turnover, and other day-to-day managerial tasks are no longer your responsibility.

Final thoughts

There are three levels of IT consulting.

  • Audit consulting
  • Applied
  • Strategic

These differ on what the business needs and what support you are looking for. It can go from tactical and minor to strategic. The lower level is the processes consulting.

An IT consultant looks at the existing tech process in a company, identifies its weak points, and proposes specific changes.

The process of IT consulting and the introduction of new technology are among the top priority of the agency.

Bequik has been in the industry for more than 20 years and has been helping companies/businesses grow into successful ones.


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