Managed Services for Schools

Bequik Managed IT services for schools offer a comprehensive range of IT support and solutions tailored specifically for educational institutions.

These services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of schools, colleges, and universities, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced learning experiences for students and faculty.


Technical Support

Bequik offers 24/7 technical support to quickly address any IT issues that may arise in schools. This includes help desk support, on-site assistance, and remote troubleshooting to minimize disruptions in teaching and learning activities.

Network Management

Bequik helps educational institutions build and maintain secure and reliable network infrastructures. We ensure connectivity, manage network security, and monitor network performance to deliver seamless internet access and a stable digital learning environment.

IT Security

Schools have valuable data, such as student records and financial information, that need to be protected from cyber threats. Bequik can help implement robust security measures, including firewall protection, antivirus software, and regular security audits, to safeguard sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulations.

Data Backup and Recovery

Bequik’s Managed IT services include regular data backups to prevent data loss in case of system failures or security breaches. Bequik also provides efficient data recovery solutions to minimize downtime and ensure continuity in school operations.

Cloud Computing

Bequik Managed IT service helps schools leverage cloud technology for storage, collaboration, and access to educational resources. They can assist with selecting and implementing cloud solutions that meet the specific needs of schools, enabling cost savings, scalability, and flexibility.

Collaboration Tools

Educational institutions often require collaborative tools, such as virtual classrooms and video conferencing platforms, to facilitate remote learning and collaboration among students and faculty. Bequik’s IT managed services can help integrate and maintain these tools, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.

With Bequik as your trusted IT partner, schools can delegate the complexities of IT system management to experienced experts, freeing up valuable resources to focus on their core mission of education. Our Managed IT Services for schools provide a wide range of expertise, reliable support, and proactive monitoring to guarantee a secure and dependable IT environment that supports effective teaching and learning. Experience education without the IT hassles and let Bequik pave the way for your institution's technological success.