Recent Works

Project Varian

One of the country’s leading cancer treatment technology and solutions provider, this client was able to reach us with the help of the internet. With three reportable operating segments: Oncology Systems, Oncology Software Solutions, and proton solutions, they reached us for their IT needs.

We initially coordinated with them through email and numerous phone calls, and finally went ahead to meet with them once we came up with solutions for their specific IT needs to provide better service to their clinical partners.

Planning to upgrade the current technology they’re using, Bequik team introduced DellEMC Technology which was entirely different from the current system they’re using during that time.

Presenting used case scenarios, overall infrastructure design and capabilities, Bequik was able to convince them to finally agree to change their current system.

Upon finalizing the design and negotiations, we deployed our engineers to start with one of their reference installations, implementing DellEMC Servers, Desktop, Networking, Juniper, Workstations, other I.T Peripherals, APC UPS and BEQUIK services.

Pleased with our services and most importantly our after-sales support, they entrusted us again with another project for a different site (Medical Radio Oncology Department), and as usual, our team was able to deliver practical solutions and phenomenal services.