10ZiG offers a range of thin and zero clients designed to work with various VDI platforms and provides software solutions and management tools that help administrators deploy, configure, and manage their thin client and zero client environments.



At 10ZiG, we provide the best virtual desktop experience by creating advanced thin and zero-client solutions that are efficient, centralized, and totally optimized, which will revolutionize the way people work.


10ZiG has been a committed and trusted partner in simplifying IT management and enhancing work experiences for companies like yours for the past two decades. The transformation in the way you work is seen in our dedication to providing reliable virtualization solutions.

Case Studies

Financial organizations across the globe are facing an unprecedented array of security threats. These threats directly endanger the most precious assets that any financial company holds: data and people. In this environment of elevated risk, many financial institutions are turning to data centralization as a primary defense. Citrix VDI facilitates data centralization, helping financial organizations…

10ZiG Case Studies

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