Product Manager for VMWare

The VMware product manager is involved in assessing customer needs, as well as performing market research and analyses.

Job Description:
* Identify opportunities, customer needs, build product vision and understand market roadmap and strategy
* Work with sales team in uncovering and progressing opportunities.
* Collect and synthesize inputs from engineering, sales, business units, vertical marketing group and the market to lead business and products direction
* Partner with cross functional teams to ensure quality product output, timeliness, and market requirements
* Be the Company’s Product Evangelist
* Analyze growth rate, SAM, TAM, SWOT, market penetration and competitive analysis for the products
* Optimize and manage market share, long-term competitiveness of the product line
* Monitor product profit margins
* Team up with design engineers and account managers and visit customers to propose product solution


*Minimum of 1 year experience in VMware product management
* Graduate of a 4 year course related to Business and/or Information technology
* Proficient computer skills
* Strong communications skills
* Ability to represent products at a professional level
* High integrity
* Solid work ethic
* Ability to work independently
* Ability to manage multiple projects

Cisco Network Engineer
We are looking to hire an experienced Cisco network engineer to implement and maintain networks for our clients. As a network engineer, you will be responsible for installing networks, troubleshooting issues, maintaining security, and training end-users on networking products.
To ensure success, you should have extensive experience with network installations, good communication skills, and experience with end-user training. Ultimately, a top-rate Cisco network engineer should be able to and deploy and maintain scalable and secure networks that perfectly meet the needs of the client.

Cisco Network Engineer Responsibilities:
• Analyzing existing hardware, software, and networking systems.
• Creating and implementing scalable Cisco networks according to client specifications.
• Testing and troubleshooting installed Cisco systems.
• Resolving technical issues with networks, hardware, and software.
• Performing speed and security tests on installed networks.
• Applying network security upgrades.
• Upgrading/replacing hardware and software systems when required.
• Creating and presenting networking reports.
• Training end-users on installed Cisco networking products.

Cisco Network Engineer Requirements:

• Bachelor’s degree in computer science, networking administration, information technology, or a similar field.
• CCNA or CCNP certification.
• At least 1 year experience as a network engineer.
• Detailed knowledge of Cisco networking systems.
• Experience with storage engineering, wide-area networking, and network virtualization.
• Advanced troubleshooting skills.
• Ability to identify, deploy, and manage complex networking systems.
• Good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Experience with end-user training.

Technical Manager Job Summary

• We are seeking a highly-skilled, professional technical manager to join our dynamic and growing team. In this position, you will oversee all technical matters companywide and manage our technical support team. You will work collaboratively with clients/users, external partners, the sales team, and various stakeholders within the company to ensure the delivery of all products and services in an efficient, timely manner.
• Technical Manager Duties and Responsibilities
• Conduct interviews, hire and train new technical support/IT staff
• Provide guidance and insight to upper management and procure buy-in
• Report progress, including any changes made to plans and production
• Contribute to services revenue and establishment of requirements
• Delegate technical responsibilities and monitor the progress of projects
• Deliver products and services consistently, on time, and on budget
• Oversee user testing and report results and adjust requirements as needed
• Work closely with project manager and sales team during all phases of the sales lifecycle
• Review all work produced by the engineering team
• Tracking of engineering team’s utilization and skills development.
• Technical Manager Requirements and Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or related field
• Minimum of 5 years’ experience in the Information Technology field
• Minimum of 2 years’ experience in management
• Ability to work in a high-pressure, deadline-driven environment
• Exceptional communication and reporting skills
• Solid working knowledge in all required software and programming languages
• Outstanding leadership skills and ability to delegate responsibilities effectively

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